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Today's international climate puts security high on the business agenda. While there's a growing awareness of the need to address the more obvious security issues, like protecting data and networks against cyber attack, there are still many other important areas where businesses may be at risk. Areas could involve anything from terrorism and site security to complex fraud and industrial espionage.

The digital revolution has transformed mobile phones into one of the most dynamic technologies of our time, and one of the most difficult technologies to detect.

As a market leading supplier of technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM), EOD/IED search equipment & communications security, Winkelmann has built a reputation for quality and innovation.

One of the key divisions at Winkelmann focuses on instruments and systems for the detection, location and analysis of radio signals for use in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). The new RAPTOR RXi scans 26GHz in less than 4 seconds for quickly detecting transmitting electronic surveillance devices.

The HAWK XTS is an advanced electronic device detector, also known as a Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD). The equipment has the capability of locating and confirming the presence of electronic components, regardless whether they are switched on or off. The NLJD is used by TSCM sweep teams to find hidden “bugging” devices as well as Engineer Search Teams, Bomb Technicians & EOD/IED Search teams for search operations in a conventional military context and in aid to the civil power.


Key Products
Raptor RXi
Desired model for
sweep teams.
More >
Hawk XDi
HAWK XTS Used by
Engineer, EOD/IED
search teams.
More >
NLJD ideal for mail
screening. More >
GSM 196
GSM 196 Pocket
sized 2G/3G cellular
detector. More >
EOD VIII Tactical
with built-in 2.5"
colour display. More >