Tactical Search Kit
  • Multi-functional search kit comprising under door camera & videoscope
  • Interchangeable super lightweight monitor featuring bright 2.5” TFT display
  • Up to 2 hours operating time from integrated battery pack
  • Rigidizer, collapsible rigid tube rapidly converts videoscope into pole camera
  • 4-way tip articulation, diameter 8.0mm, working length 1000mm
  • High resolution CCD camera technology, producing stunning picture quality
  • Miniature 3W LED Light source
  • Under door camera (UDC) with integral optics, ultra low light CCD camera
  • Clear covert views can be obtained in rooms with limited ambient light (UDC)
  • All components are stored in tactical system case for maximum portability
EOD IX Tactical Search Kit

The EOD IX Tactical Search Kit uses advanced remote imaging technology, specifically designed to assist law enforcement, prisons, special task forces with covert surveillance in hard to reach places under normal or insufficient lighting conditions.

The EOD IX Tactical Search Kit comprises a portable under door camera, robust videoscope with 4-way tip articulation, 2.5” LCD monitor, rigidizer for pole camera use all necessary chargers, power supplies and outdoor carrying case.

The under door camera (UDC) can be used to survey rooms without the camera being visible to room occupants, clear covert views can be obtained in rooms with limited ambient light. The UDC features microelectronic integral optics (CCD camera) in the leading edge of the camera tongue. The black and white image sensor with ultra low light settings provides excellent images to the bright 2.5” LCD monitor.

The super lightweight monitor features a bright 2.5” TFT display to view live inspection images from the UDC or flexible videoscope. The slim display enables the user to carry out inspections conveniently and effortlessly in remote or inaccessible places, or in confined spaces. No matter what environment its Gooseneck allows the user to position the screen for any viewing angle.

The ergonomic lightweight videoscope with 4-way articulation control has been engineered for comfortable operation even during prolonged operations. Navigating tight paths has never been easier.

A high resolution CCD image sensor is the core element of the videoscope producing clear images. Given the tactile 360° articulation control, the distal end tip can easily, quickly and accurately be manoeuvred into any position.

The rigidizer is a rigid stainless steel tube mounted directly to the handle of the videoscope. When connected the videoscope can be used as a conventional pole camera with 4-way tip deflection.

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  • Covert observations and investigations
  • Homeland security, SWAT & tactical task forces
  • Optical remote visual search and inspection
  • Tactical search, special task forces
  • Observe tactical situations from a secure position
  • Search and rescue
  • Physical security and inspection