GEM Audio Transmitters
GEM NGA, NGD, NGDRC & NGDP Digital & Analogue Audio Transmitters

The GEM NGDP-10 digital audio data packet transmitter is a fully commandable transmitter offering high levels of protection from interception. The NGDP-10 data packet transmitter is suitable for most concealments, making it an indispensable intelligence gathering tool for undercover operations.

Our range of digital transmitters provide high spectral purity and are available on several fixed frequencies. The GEM NGDRC-100 is supplied with single-channel remote control activator providing digitally encrypted remote transmission.

GEM NGDP-10 - fully remote controllable, audio is transmitted in several short burst this makes it difficult to detect with conventional receivers. More >

GEM NGDRC-100 - digital remote controlled encrypted audio transmission system. GMSK modulation and digital encoding provide high level of protection from interception. More >

GEM NGD-100 - digital encrypted miniature audio transmission system. It consists of a digital audio transmitter and special communications receiver with built-in decoder. More >

GEM NGA-10 & NGA-50 - analogue transmitter ideal for body-worn applications & temporary deployments, available with shrink wrap or metal housing. More >

Innovative tactical system for covert audio surveillance
Hidden installations, suitable for the most miniature types of camouflage
Close protection monitoring & temporary deployments
Suited for use in SWAT & tactical task forces
Standard indoor and outdoor surveillance operations
Ideal for vehicle and long-term applications
Homeland security