ClearSound Noise Reduction Systems
CLEARSOUND Noise Reduction Systems

The ClearSound family of products offers users a unique, high-tech, leading edge solution to the problems of unwanted noise and interference on speech in communications and surveillance operations. ClearSound incorporates advanced signal processing algorithms, which are specifically designed for the removal of background noise from speech on a continuous and adaptive basis.

DMP-5 - versatile, high performance noise reduction unit, brings ultimate hardware performance to speech in real-time monitoring, pushbutton adaptive noise reduction of up to 20dB. More >

DMP-4 - ideal for body-worn applications, no adjustments are required in the field as the software "learns" the structure of the audio signal on a real-time basis. More >

DMP-3 - ideal for vehicle fits, hard-wired microphones or wireless transmitters will have the effects of background and inherent microphone path noise drastically reduced in real-time. More >

DNCS-2/RS base processing unit, the system can drastically reduce incoming noise from radio monitoring receivers, telephone line intercepts and GSM phones. More >

ClearSound range of digital noise-reduction filters are the perfect complement for use with covert microphones.
Evidential basis, one channel recording the unprocessed raw audio input whilst second channel records noise reduced output.
Ideal for use with stethoscopes (through wall listening devices) remove random noise and structure born interference.