Videoscopes & Flexible Endoscopes
EOD Videoscopes, Fiberscopes & Borescopes

Winkelmann offers a wide range of different “Ready-to-go” video inspection systems for all kind of applications. Our goal is to offer customers worldwide reliable, economical inspection and maintenance systems that enhance safety, security and productivity.

All our remote visual inspection (RVI) systems combine professional performance with lightweight and portable design. RVI is an established and valuable technique for quality control, maintenance, search and troubleshooting applications.

Remote Visual Inspection systems from Winkelmann are characterized by brilliant image quality, intuitive handling, low system weight and high portability.

Our videoscopes and endoscopes are used on a daily basis in a wide range of applications varying from inspection of inside engines, gas turbines, machinery, castings to searching behind walls, door panels or inside pipes and tanks and other hard to reach areas which cannot be viewed from the outside or with direct line of sight.

EOD VIII Tactical Videoscope system is a highly portable video inspection kit combining a professional videoscope and small lightweight monitor. All electronic, optical and mechanical components are united in this unique robust design. The EOD VIII is one of the lightest videoscope systems on the market. More >

EOD VII Explorer Videoscope system combines software,camera control, image control, light source and a high resolution 6.8” screen providing razor-sharp images. The system also features MPEG video recording, still image capture, 3.5x zoom, 32GB SD-memory card plus many more features. More >

EOD V Flexible Endoscope search kit provides a cost-effective solution when a flexible instrument is required. The flexible endoscope contains an optical image guide made of highly flexible, thin and parallel single fibers. 2-way tip articulation allows complicated passages to be navigated. More >

EOD IV Multi Swing Prism Rigid Endoscope is assembled from highly precise optical and mechanical parts. By means of multi swing prism an individually adjustable direction of view is provided, this allows prograde (forward) or retrograde (backward) view during inspection without changing the scope. More >

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Defence -maintenance of gas turbine, diesel engine and military aircraft for routine inspection, providing cost-effective examination of internal structures without teardown, or for ‘machine vision’ applications.
Security - covert views can be obtained in rooms with limited ambient light, observe tactical situations from a secure position, inspection inside car door panels, inside the compartment of metal walls of 20ft & 40ft containers & other hard to reach places for narcotics and other contraband items.
Aviation - inspection of turbine blades, combustion chambers, airframe examinations and research, development and production of engines.
Search - locating those who may be trapped in collapsed buildings as the result of various disasters, search and rescue operations.