Stethoscopes (through-wall listening devices)

Stethoscopes are used in surveillance applications for listening through walls, doors, windows or other obstacles. They are applied when the only possible way to listen to people in a room is from the outside or when people are trapped in a collapsed structure. This could be for permanent installations, when concealing of the listening devise is important, or during a tactical temporary operation requiring quick deployment like a hostage scenario.

Winkelmann has developed a range of through-wall listening devices (stethoscopes) for a variety of applications.

SS8000 - combines an all-in-the-box tactical stereo audio listening solution for through-air and through-wall audio surveillance. The kit contains stereo fiber optic microphone and stereo fiber optic stethoscope, as well as "optional" DSP-based ambient noise removal. More >

SUPERBAT - now you can hear what's happening inside your target surveillance area, while reducing unwanted ambient noise that's produced outside. SuperBat solves through-the-wall audio's most serious problems. Options include a thin, ultra sensitive probe microphone. More >

WOODPECKER SS030 - tactical surveillance kit designed for SWAT teams and special task forces to capture audio. The SS030 allows the sensitivity to the left and right channels to be increased or decreased in order to aid tracking of the audio source. More >

WOODPECKER SS050 - the system is comprised of advanced wireless accelerometer sensor & single-channel receiver. The wireless accelerometer sensor is mounted on the building construction (walls, ceiling) the unit gives clear audio pick-up through walls. More >

WOODPECKER SS060 - the fiber optic stethoscope is ideal for permanent installations in structures and walls, the stereo system is comprised of two advanced fiber optic contact microphones. Excellent EMI/RFI immunity, completely passive sensor with no electrical parts. More >

WOODPECKER SS040 - the fiber optic stethoscope is ideal for permanent installations in structures and walls, due to its light weight and waterproof design. Excellent EMI/RFI immunity, completely passive sensor with no metal or electrical parts. More >

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Contact fiber optic stethoscope designed for structure-borne monitoring in the audio range, detect faint signals through contact to the structure, acoustic leak detection to the various components of utility and industrial power plants.
Life saving, search and rescue operations, tiny robust microphone embedded in a long, rigid, yet flexible probe, easily pushed through tight spaces for finding people beneath collapsing buildings.
Hostage sieges, aircraft hijacks localization of target's inside a room, it provides quick and covert intelligence on the movement and location of people in a room without the need for invasive sensors.
SWAT, special task forces, listening for stowaways designed for dangerous and life-threatening situations, where without invasive sensors it presents reliable information to the operative.
Whether police, special forces or emergency services, the people using stethoscopes need to be able to act quickly on the information.