Detect Hidden Electronic Devices with the Searcher
  • Excellent detection range, ERP up to 2W coupled with -130dBm sensitivity
  • 2.4GHz operating frequency
  • Continuous wave (CW) transmission removes risk of missing a target due to sweeping to quickly
  • Tactile bright AMOLED full colour touch screen display
  • Quick set range control operation
  • Single scroll wheel for operation of major functions
  • Simple user interface for quick evaluation of targets
  • Lightweight, compact and rugged design, quick fit Lithium-ion battery with fuel gauge
SEARCHER-2500 Non-Linear Junction Detector

The SEARCHER-2500 is the most compact handheld Non Linear Junction Detector available on the market today. For international sweep teams the SEARCHER-2500 is an ideal choice weighing only 725g. It has been designed to the very highest standards, in terms of functionality, ease of operation and reliability.

SEARCHER-2500 is an essential part of the equipment used in counter measure and defensive search. Used for protecting airports, train stations, governmental, military or public buildings and organisations worldwide.

The SEARCHER-2500 is capable of searching for electronic devices such as mobile phones (even when switched off), covert surveillance devices (radio microphones, microphone amplifiers, digital recorders etc.) & high value electronics.

The SEARCHER-2500 allows the operator to search voids and areas where they are unable to gain physical or visual access, in order to detect electronic components (covert electronic devices containing semi-conducting components) and determine if the area is free from bugging devices.

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  • Mail screening for concealed electronic devices (suspect packages)
  • Unobtrusive body-search for concealed recording devices or high value items
  • Detection of concealed "bugging" devices in clothes
  • TSCM (sweeps of hotel rooms or small offices)
  • High risk search capabilities
  • Detection of mobile phones