EOD VIII Tactical Videoscope System
  • High-contrast, 6.35cm (2.5") colour display
  • Image capturing and video recording (with optional frame grabber)
  • Integrated high power LED light source
  • Built-in lithium-polymer battery pack (approx 1.5h)
  • One-hand operation, for left or right-handed
  • Mechanical lever control of the probe tip (2-way control)
  • Working length 600 to 1500mm
  • Probe diameter 5.0mm
  • Robust probe construction with PU coating
  • Documentation of RVI results (with optional frame grabber)
  • LED significantly more intense/homogeneous illumination
  • Lightweight operating unit 640gr (1.41lb)
EOD VIII Tactical Videoscope System

The EOD Vlll Tactical Videoscope System is one of the lightest videoscope systems on the market.

The unique portable and robust design combines built-in 2.5” colour display, integrated rechargeable lithium battery and 2-way tip articulation.

The innovative CMOS image sensor of the EOD Vlll Videoscope captures images with realistic colour reproduction.

With an angle of view (FoV) of 90° and a focus range from 5mm to infinity, the objective lens delivers the visual basis for optimal image reproduction.

The extreme articulation of the probe (+180° to -100°) lets the user control the videoscope with great precision and maximum bending angle. With 5.0mm probe diameter the scope is highly flexible and allows to perform the tightest radii. A stainless steel coil inside the 600mm to 1500mm long probe provides the necessary shear strength and robustness.

The integrated rechargeable battery provides power to the LED light source and the colour display. Even with high light incidence, great light intensity, or viewing from the side, the exposure on the bright 6.35cm (2.5”) TFT-display with the backlight is still ideal.

Switch on the EOD Vlll Tactical Videoscope System and immediately start visual inspection. It's that simple. No cables, no plugs, no long booting process, no long warm up phase of the light source.

Just press a button and instantly delivers the inspection images with up to 7 times higher resolution/quality compared to conventional fiber optic endoscopes.

Additionally, you can run the videoscope with 12V to an external power source (220V outlet). The battery is automatically charged during the operation with external power source.

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  • Optical remote visual search and inspection
  • Tactical search, special task forces
  • Aircraft and ship inspection and maintenance
  • Turbine blade and wave guide inspection
  • UV curing and crack detection (NDT)
  • Research & development
  • Examination of internal structures without teardown, or for 'machine vision' applications