RAPTOR RXi Ultra-fast scanning Countersurveillance Receiver
  • Scans 26GHz in less than 4 seconds at 3kHz resolution (approx. 100,000,000 samples per second)
  • Full span spectrum analyzer display - 6GHz, 10GHz & 26GHz models available
  • High resolution 15" touch screen display with multiple windows
  • Sophisticated signal logging tools easily identify new signals
  • Active pinpoint direction finding with "optional" probe antenna
  • Full span waterfall display for analysis of signals over time
  • Dedicated ultra wideband (UWB) receiver detects signals impossible to find with conventional receiver (optional)
  • Rectrix software for long-term waterfall analysis + historic waveform recall (optional)
  • Rostrum software delivers retrospective standalone analysis and reporting (optional)
  • Remote operation by means of Ethernet
  • Built-in auto switching antenna system
RAPTOR RXi Ultra-fast scanning Countersurveillance Receiver

The Raptor RXi is an ultra-fast-scanning counter-surveillance receiver for quickly detecting surveillance transmitters.

The Raptor scans from 10kHz to 26GHz in under 4s, detecting even the briefest pulsed transmissions. Featuring a fast Core 2 Duo processor, its multiple software tools and demodulators detect frequency-hopping, burst mode and spread spectrum devices as well as analogue audio and video signals.

Two spectrum analyser windows allow the user to simultaneously view the whole spectrum and zoom in on individual frequencies. The 'Waterfall' display mode gives an intuitive display of signals over time.

The Raptor is designed to allow 24hr continuous monitoring of the radio spectrum to detect remote-controlled devices. Using its built-in Ethernet port, the Raptor can be operated remotely, allowing sites to be continuously monitored without the need for a site visit.

Modern ultra wideband (UWB) spread spectrum devices are challenging for a conventional receiver to detect. Its optional integrated, dedicated UWB receiver allows the Raptor to detect such devices easily.

The Raptor is a portable device, allowing reference scans to be easily run in different areas of a building, operating either from an internal rechargeable battery or an external supply. Its integrated antenna system provides excellent wideband performance from 10kHz to 26GHz.

The Raptor can also be supplied with an external passive omni-directional antenna which has amazing coverage from below 20 MHz to 26GHz. With nominal gains of 0 dBi or higher over 99.5% of the frequency range.

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  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Spectrum monitoring and interference mitigation
  • Government sweep teams for internal and external security
  • Radio monitoring and enforcement by regulatory government authorities
  • Monitoring all signals from military and government bases
  • Signal acquisition and analysis in a compact portable package
  • In-conference and VIP monitoring