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About Us

Winkelmann is a worldwide leader in global security solutions and systems, providing leading-edge products and value-added services to government, law enforcement and military customers around the globe: technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM); specialist search; communications security; services and support solutions.

Our customers across the globe are seeking access to the latest available technologies to meet their challenges and ultimately secure future successes. We provide sustainable solutions and value-added services, permanently integrating innovation and excellence into our offerings.

We are proud of the fact that our products and services have been used at the last four Olympic Games as well as many Heads of States Summits and Military Games.

With over two decades supporting government agencies, armed forces and civilian security teams, we have an established track record and detailed understanding of operational requirements.

This complete understanding of every aspect of our products allows us to provide support which is second to none. It also enables us to modify products to provide bespoke solutions where customer requirements demand it.

Our technology is designed to work in remote, hostile, and mobile environments, or to support large-scale protective security operations at high profile events that underpin public safety and security.

Today we support the operations of government and law enforcement agencies all over the world.

All Winkelmann products are designed to be used 24/7 with minimal maintenance effort and logistics footprint.

Headquartered in Crawley, UK, our range of comprehensive services include: R&D, engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing and product training and support - coupled with our sustained investment in product development, enables us to deliver innovative solutions & proven technology with the highest levels of product performance.

Winkelmann believes in through-life and integrated logistic support, from the initial enquiry to the ultimate life of the in-service product.

Official NATO supplier with NCAGE: U01T8
Key Products
Raptor RXi
Desired model for
sweep teams.
More >
Hawk XDi
HAWK XTS Used by
Engineer, EOD/IED
search teams.
More >
NLJD ideal for mail
screening. More >
GSM 196
GSM 196 Pocket
sized 2G/3G cellular
detector. More >
EOD VIII Tactical
with built-in 2.5"
colour display. More >