Videoscopes, Fiberscopes & Borescopes EOD IV/V & VIII
EOD Videoscopes, Fiberscopes & Borescopes

Endoscopes (Fiberscopes) are used for the inspection of cavities after an electronic device has been located by the operator using the ‘RAPTOR RXi’ (spectrum analyser) or the ‘HAWK XTS’ (non-linear junction detector).

Minimal damage is caused to the area under inspection by drilling a small hole or inserting the instrument through an existing entry point to confirm there is an electronic device present. This saves the operator time not only in the search process but also in carrying out repairs after the inspection has taken place.

EOD VIII Tactical Videoscope system is a highly portable video inspection kit combining a professional videoscope and small lightweight monitor. All electronic, optical and mechanical components are united in this unique robust design. The EOD VIII is one of the lightest videoscope systems on the market. More >

EOD V Flexible Endoscope search kit provides a cost-effective solution when a flexible instrument is required. The flexible endoscope contains an optical image guide made of highly flexible, thin and parallel single fibers. 2-way tip articulation allows complicated passages to be navigated. More >

EOD IV Multi Swing Prism Rigid Endoscope is assembled from highly precise optical and mechanical parts. By means of multi swing prism an individually adjustable direction of view is provided, this allows prograde (forward) or retrograde (backward) view during inspection without changing the scope. More >

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The EOD VIII Tactical Videoscope System allows TSCM operator to view inside small or restricted areas such as wall/ceiling cavities, ventilation ducts, pipes, between floorboards and other inaccessible areas.
The EOD V Flexible Endoscope (Fiberscope) Search Kit is used to visually inspect cracks, electrical boxes and structural joints.