SS8000 Pro System Stereo (Optical Audio Kit)
  • Small size, long term audio recorder/transmitter via WiFi
  • Large memory capacity up to 300hrs @8kHz sample rate
  • Download time approx 5 minutes for 24hrs stored audio
  • Automatic gain control and voice activated recording
  • All records are exported or reviewed via the included s/w
  • Online listening through host PC
  • Searchers only for WiFi signal from host computer
  • External Knowles microphone (optional)
  • Integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery (cased version)
  • Supplied cased or flat PCB board
  • Represents a new concept in covert audio data acquisition and transmission
WREN WiFi Store Forward Audio Transmitter

The WREN WiFi Store Forward Audio Transmitter is a new concept in audio surveillance, combining an audio recorder with an integrated WiFi interface that is used for recording and online listening.

This allows the user to download all recordings without the need of direct connection with the recorder. All audio records are stored to internal memory and can be transferred via WiFi at any time, or listened to Live. Connection is direct via WiFi with the host PC or via Internet.

Large memory capacity can store up to 300hrs (12 days) of continuous recording, this can be extended using voice activated mode. Data transfer to host PC is very fast and takes approx 5 minutes for 24hrs of recorded audio.

The WREN WiFi Store Forward Audio Transmitter does not transmit until the user initiates transfer from host PC to establish connection. This mode of operation is virtually undetectable.

Record settings include timer programmable recording and voice activated recording.

Recordings can be played back and edited using the supplied s/w operating under Windows. Each record contains real-time stamp.

Download Datasheet


  • Innovative tactical system for wireless covert audio surveillance
  • Standard indoor surveillance operations
  • Long-term deployments, very difficult to detect
  • Field deployable system, live listening post
  • Homeland Security