GEM NGA-10 & GEM NGA-50 Audio Transmitter
  • Stand alone, field-ready system
  • Very small size of the transmitter
  • Digitally encrypted data packet transmission
  • Multi-channel receiver with built-in SD card recorder
  • Fully commandable transmitter
  • Digital packet audio in several short burst
  • Multi-frequency transmission
  • Low current consumption (35mA)
GEM NGDP-10 Digital Audio Data Packet Transmission System

The GEM NGDP-10 digital audio data packet transmitter is a fully commandable transmitter offering high levels of protection from interception.

The NGDP-10 data packet transmitter is suitable for most concealments, making it an indispensable intelligence gathering tool for undercover operations, available as a flat PCB transmitter or camouflaged in a car keyfob with rechargeable Li-Pol battery.

The NGDP-10 transmitter is fully remote controllable, enabling users to switch on/off or change the channel. Two operating modes allow choosing either one or multiple frequency transmission technology, thus increasing the reliability of transmission. While in stand-by mode the transmitter is passive and therefore can not be detected by RF spectrum analysers.

The 16 channel receiver with built-in SD card recorder offers all the necessary tools for an operation. Multiple NGDP-10 transmitters may be used with a single receiver.

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  • Innovative tactical system for covert audio surveillance
  • Designed for hidden installations
  • Standard indoor surveillance operations
  • Long-term deployments, very difficult to detect
  • Close protection monitoring
  • Suited for use in SWAT & tactical task forces
  • Homeland Security