Sales & Service
Sales & Service

The exceptional skills of our workforce - from engineers, to technicians, to managers - enable us to create world-leading products.

Our people are the key to our competitiveness. We are nurturing the skills base needed for the future, and helping our employees to achieve their full potential.

While valuing all employees, the company identifies the strategic core competencies it will need for programmes many years in the future.

The ultimate goal of all of our supply chain is to maintain the trust we have earned from our customers and the communities in which we operate.

The diversified nature of our business means we sell our leading-edge technologies worldwide. Our customers are primarily in the intelligence industry, and use our products in homeland security. This means we are often a second-or third-tier supplier to the end user. We do also deal directly with governments and military organisations, usually when providing services.

We provide specialist technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) equipment and training to law enforcement and national security organisations. All of our training courses are delivered by highly-competent instructors who have learned and honed their skills in many different operational environments.

we place much emphasis on the training and development of staff